Application privacy policy

This application privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as this privacy policy) specifies handling of user information in application for smartphone application Meditation Note (hereinafter referred to as this application) provided by senmyou.

1. Name of the application provider etc.
Developer name


2. Items of information to be acquired
  • read device state and identity (READ_PHONE_STATE)
  • record audio (RECORD_AUDIO)
3. Acquisition method
Automatic acquisition by application
4. Identification and explication of purpose of use
Although the above-mentioned permission is permitted with the media plugin used for playing audio files, this application does not use the above information.
5. Notification/Publication or consent acquisition method, user involvement method
This privacy policy will be displayed from this application and the privacy policy link of the google play store.
The place of posting this Privacy Policy is shown below.
Please use this application after confirming this privacy policy and understanding the contents. Please confirm this privacy policy when you install this application.
Also, there is no way to stop acquisition of user information in this application. When uninstalling this application, acquisition of user information will not be done.
6. External transmission · Third party provision · Presence or absence of information collection module
We do not transmit user information externally or offer third party. Also, no information gathering module is built in.
7. Contact point etc. of the inquiry window
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the handling of user information in this application, we will accept it at the following window.

Inquiry form

8. Procedure for changing privacy policy
When we make changes to this privacy policy, we announce you in this application and google play store.
2016/12/26 Establishment